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Black History Spotlight: Soul Train

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I’m a young person who has a mostly contemporary taste in music, but even I was shocked to hear about the death of Soul Train’s creator and host, Don Cornelius.

Why?  Even though I wasn’t around when Soul Train premiered in the seventies, I have some appreciation for the music and culture that was on the show.

The music that was on the show during its early years included some of the best black live performances of funk and soul, including James Brown,  Sly and the Family Stone, and Al Green.



In addition to having great black musicians and a huge amount of black viewers, there was also white musicians such as David Bowie as well as a hefty amount of white viewers.



Something else I appreciate about Soul Train is the dance crazes it started. Some of them include the pop, the lock, and the robot. These were either done by the Soul Train dancers or by various musicians. These dances are the background for the hip-hop dancing of today.



As you can see, young and old have a lot to appreciate and love about Soul Train. This show promoted blacks in a positive way and paved the way for future generations. I wish all Soul Train fans and Don Cornelius peace, love, and soul!

Written by Serena Zola

February 9, 2012 at 8:38 PM

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