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Angel Haze: My New P!nk?

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Warning: Some of the songs in this article contain explicit content

Until now, I thought I wasn’t a hip-hop kind of girl.  Then again, I also thought I wasn’t a pop music type until I discovered Pink’s music last year. Thanks to her, I realized that deep down there is a pop side to me in addition to the rock n’ roll side I’ve had since I was a teen. Now, I may also have a hip-hop side of me emerge.

Recently, I’ve come to respect and appreciate the music of up-and-coming female rapper Angel Haze. In late October, I heard my first Angel Haze song “Cleanin Out My Closet” and was blown away by the rawness of the lyrics even though I couldn’t relate to them. I had never seen anyone be so honest about sexual abuse in a song.

When I found out the song was from Angel Haze’s Classick Mixtape, I ended up looking up the lyrics to the songs on and listening to the ones that interested me.  While I only found one song I personally related to (“Song Cry”) and one song I liked as a person who appreciates good singing  (“Love of My Life” ), I still wanted to hear more from Angel Haze. Soon, I discovered Angel Haze’s other mixtape Reservation as well as unofficial songs via YouTube.

Some of the reasons I respect Angel Haze’s music are the same reasons why I’m a fan of P!nk. Both of these female musicians are true to themselves. They aren’t afraid to be real and vulnerable in some of their songs. In fact, the only reason I am not quite a fan of Angel Haze yet is that there is no clean version of her songs and I can’t find all of her songs’ lyrics online.

One last reason I like Angel Haze is that she seems to be full of surprises. When I did research on her, I read in a NY Times article that she  “wants to be an artist you cannot categorize at all”, that she wants to do songs in different genres. If she manages to do that, I will be one happy eclectic music listener. Another surprising thing is that she does poetry, spitting out words without a beat.

All I have left to say is that Angel Haze may be my new P!nk and she may have a new fan in the future.

Here is Angel Haze reciting an original poem, “If You’re Contemplating Suicide, This is For You”

Written by Serena Zola

November 21, 2012 at 8:23 PM

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  1. […] Angel Haze: My New P!nk? […]

  2. I like her as well.

    Terisa Nelson

    November 21, 2012 at 8:43 PM

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