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Why I Read YA Books

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I read this article about why YA books appeal to adults when it was first published and found it amusing, deciding to bookmark it for a future blog post. Today, I decided to compile a list of reasons about why I read YA books and ask my readers and fellow bloggers, “Why do you read YA Books?” I understand this question might not apply to everybody, but I’m asking out of curiosity because I have a feeling that some of the reasons listed on the article don’t apply.

Here are my reasons in no particular order:

1. As an aspiring young adult author, YA books are my inspiration

For the most part, I read contemporary YA books because that is the exact YA genre I want to write books for. Sometimes, if ideas aren’t coming or I’m frustrated, thinking “Why am I doing this again?” I reread the book that inspired me to write for teens in the first place: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

2.  To remember the comfort received as a teen

A quote from S.E. Hinton about her enjoyment of reading goes, “The act of reading was so pleasurable for me. For an introverted kid, it’s a means of communication, because you interact with the author even if you aren’t sitting there conversing with her.” This sums up perfectly what YA books meant to me as a teen. I didn’t have a lot of close friendships and relationships, so sometimes books and their authors were my closest confidants. They made me experience a wide range of emotions that sometimes matched my own, creating an amazing feeling of empathy. As a result, a very important message was communicated to me: “You are not alone.”

3. To keep up with what everybody (or at least some people)  read

I might not like some of the trends in YA books **coughs** vampires **coughs**, but I like to think that one unlikable trend is connected to a likeable one. For instance, if I had turned my back on the whole paranormal trend completely, I would not have discovered that I enjoy a book from the Riders of the Apocalypse series.

There you have it. Does anybody have the same reasons for reading YA books as I do? Also, what do think of the article I linked to; do you agree with it? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting!

Written by Serena Zola

January 6, 2013 at 7:37 PM

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