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Fandom Spotlight: “To Leaky Con” (La Vie Boheme Parody)

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A couple of years ago, I discovered the movie adaptation of the musical RENT and “La Vie Boheme”, the song that describes my artistic and free-spirited side. Now, it seems that it can apply to my geeky side too. “To Leaky Con” was the finale to the opening ceremony of Leaky Con, an annual fan convention for Harry Potter and pop culture fans. The song sums up everything Leaky Con is about in a fun parody of RENT’s “La Vie Boheme”. The performance of that song which took place in Portland features special guests, among them Anthony Rapp (he’s in a trench coat), the actor best known as RENT’s Mark Cohen.

When I heard the first few minutes of the song, I was a little upset. I wished they could have parodied another song or come up with an original song. “La Vie Boheme” helped me celebrate in my artistic side and appreciate RENT. As the song continued, I began to lighten up. Since it is something that connected to another part of me, why not enjoy it? After all, it’s not everyday you run into a parody like this.

To Leaky Con” Lyrics

Written by Serena Zola

June 28, 2013 at 7:16 PM

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