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Short Film Spotlight: ‘The Language of Love’ by Kim Ho

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I know what a monologue is, but I’ve never seen one before. Until recently, I’ve never seen a short film. After seeing seventeen year-old Kim Ho’s short film  ‘The Language of Love’, I’m awed by the power of both.

This short film features a boy named Charlie who falls in love with his best male-friend. Charlie struggles to come to terms with his feelings as he ponders how to answer an exam question instructing him to write a letter to his best friend in French. The story itself is fictional and was originally a monologue that was entered into a contest for Australian playwright.

The thing that I enjoy most about this film is its raw honesty. The struggle is clearly painted on Charlie’s face, but the words and the way that they are said are very poignant. My favorite part is when Charlie is beating around the bush about how he feels about Sam and then all of a sudden blurts out, “I’m in love with Sam.” During this moment you can tell how anxious Charlie is and how much he wants to express himself.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the short film is how the objects around Charlie are used to express his feelings. A particular scene I like is when Charlie’s breathing gets heavier and then all of a sudden he is alone and the desks are closing in on him. I found it a powerful way to express feeling like you are trapped and no one understands you.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about this film is Charlie’s thoughts about love. There’s a moment he compares it to the French language in a lovely metaphor. However, the best thing he says is, “You always hear people say it’s weird and just not normal, but isn’t that the point of love?” To transcend normalness and become something special?”

To conclude, I absolutely love this film and look forward to more from Kim Ho.

Written by Serena Zola

July 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM

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