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A Reflection on My Music Taste and Music in General

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Yesterday, I became a fan of Florence and The Machine. This is the first indie rock band I’ve ever liked. It also means that I’ve finally cracked and decided to explore indie music.

I’ve seen “mainstream music sucks” comments online for a while now. I’ve shaken my head because there are a few gems in mainstream music worth listening to.

Yet, eight years ago I thought I was totally awesome because I only listened to alternative rock and a couple of soundtracks.

Now that I’ve entered the world of indie rock, I feel I’ve come full circle with my music taste and become wiser with exploring music.

In fact, I don’t think that I could have become a fan of Florence and The Machine without the eclectic music taste I gained.

As of today, here is what I listen to: pop, rock, blues, jazz, classical, world music, techno, scores, and a little rap, funk, soul, and r &b.

The only reason my taste has developed like this is that I was somewhat forced to do some research in the past and present for a class.  After that, I became naturally curious.

Before I became a FATM fan, I thought I didn’t need to get into indie music. I thought that because I had an eclectic music taste, I’d never be bored with the music I already had.

However, I missed being a fan of a band that was good, fun, different, current, and still active.

After I became a fan of Janelle Monae then Janis Joplin, I realized that there are some musicians who are one-of-a-kind. I found myself wanting to hear music from someone similar to them and realizing that there wasn’t anyone like them.

I also realized that wasn’t a bad thing.

The reason that today’s music isn’t great is because most people sound like someone else. Furthermore, the reason one musician sounds like another is because they embody what sells.

When a  truly talented and passionate musician comes along, they are underrated or tailored to what sells.  It depends on if the musician lets themselves be fitted or not. It also depends on the circumstances the musician is in.

Someone who has an ideal musical and/or personal image is more easily controlled by record companies and understood by the general public.  In contrast, someone who doesn’t have an image is more likely to only appeal to certain people.

When it comes to music that has lyrics, I appreciate the musician more if they don’t have an image. If they are just being themselves, then that makes their music more special to me.

It seems like today’s world is so messed up that some people want something normal to make them feel good.  Things like being sexy, being young, and being American are norms that have been around since I was born.

You’d think most  people would be bored with that.

It shouldn’t matter if  a hundred or a million people like the music you create or listen to. It shouldn’t matter what most people like or what’s normal.

If more people were willing to be an indie person, then the music would be better.

Written by Serena Zola

October 6, 2013 at 3:54 PM

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