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Live Performance Spotlight: “Sally’s Song” (Cover) by Amy Lee

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In honor of Halloween, I’ve decided to spotlight Amy Lee’s cover of “Sally’s Song”.  The song was originally sung by Catherine O’ Hara for the Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Amy Lee’s version is a part of the Nightmare Revisited album, which features other musicians and bands covering songs from the film.

In case you don’t know, Amy Lee is the lead singer from the rock band Evanescence.  Their sound is a mix of classical and metal and their lyrics are dark yet beautiful. Also, Amy Lee’s voice is like a human violin, mournful yet lovely.

If you listen to Evanescence songs like “My Immortal” or “Bring Me to Life” and then watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, then you can see why Amy Lee is a perfect fit for the song.

The thing that I love about this performance is how Amy Lee makes the song her own. Not only does she sing like she does in Evanescence, but she also plays the piano and harp.

I don’t listen to Evanescence as much as I used to, but Amy Lee’s voice will always haunt me.

Written by Serena Zola

October 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

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