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Book Review: Enter The Moon (Warriors of Luna Book 1) by Jennifer Fisch Ferguson

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Enter The Moon

Source: Jennifer Fisch Ferguson’s website

Plot Summary (Taken from Amazon): With youth, beauty and a voice like liquid gold, life was right on track for Kamaria DeKosse; then she met Jack and decides to toss caution to the wind. Jack thought he enjoyed his orderly life of power and control, until he met Kama. Together they have a passion that runs wild and crazy, something neither of them knows how to handle. Kama learns a secret about Jack that not only threatens her promising career but her very life. And just when she thinks it can’t get any worse, life takes her up on her challenge.

My Review: One of the best things about this book is its main character Kamaria. She is a half Irish-half black young woman who is training to be a professional opera singer at Julliard. Her parents’ wealth and her personal goals Kamaria have high standards for herself and certain things, but she isn’t a snob. She is a complex character who is somewhat awkward, witty, opinionated, flawed, and classy. After the climax of the plot occurs, she becomes a brave and loyal kick-butt heroine.

Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was its plot. It was clever how the plot seemed to follow the post-Twilight series paranormal romance storyline until the book’s climatic plot twist. After that plot twist, the reader’s assumptions are turned upside down and the plot becomes fast-paced with action and drama. There is also some romance and steamy sexual situations, but nothing too explicit. The romance between Kamaria and Jack was believable because it was gradual rather than instant.

In addition to the characters and the plot, the author’s writing style was very good. In addition to Kamaria’s point of view, the author sometimes switches to Jack’s point-of-view for certain chapters. The dialogue between Jack and his inner wolf was very intriguing and the dialogue with Kamaria talking to herself was humorous.

Besides the characters, plot, and writing style, the paranormal world that was created was very well done. The way the werewolf pack was organized in terms of rank, how the werewolves move up the rank, and the prejudice that exists between certain packs enriched the storyline and the setting. In addition, some vampires are creatively added to the story to move the plot along at times.

Overall, this was a great book. If you are tired of  typical paranormal romance stories, then I recommend this book.


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