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Musician Spotlight: Halo Circus

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Halo Circus, Gone music video

Halo Circus
Screenshot from the music video “Gone”

Authoress Note: This post and some past music posts will be in a new category called Under The Radar Music.

Anybody remember a young vocalist named Allison Iraheta? If you watched American Idol in 2009, you may remember her elimination performance of “Cry Baby” or her duet of “Slow Ride” with fellow Idol contestant Adam Lambert.

Earlier this year, she announced that she would be fronting her own band called Halo Circus. Although their debut album will not be released until 2014, they have already released “Gone” as a single and have been performing at various venues all year.

Based on several  live performances I’ve seen via YouTube, the band has a blues rock vibe to them. Allison’s voice and the fact that she is fronting band is reminiscent of Janis Joplin. Her performances of  songs such as “Stand Up” and “Guns in Your Hands” bring out the best of her voice.

Another remarkable thing about Halo Circus is that thanks to Allison Iraheta, they are bilingual. A couple of the songs I’ve seen live or heard have been sung in both English and Spanish. For instance,  the song “Gone” and its Spanish counterpart “Yo Me Voy”.  This is great because she will have a diverse fan base and hopefully inspire other Spanish-speaking girls.

Hopefully, the album will not disappoint and we will get at least one more single released before it comes out. I’m personally hoping that Iraheta does another duet with Adam Lambert too.

Written by Serena Zola

December 17, 2013 at 1:05 PM

Allison Iraheta: An Amazing Vocalist

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On Sunday, I was listening to my P!nk radio station on lastfm when I happened to look at the similar artists list below the station. The name Allison Iraheta caught my eye so I clicked on the profile. The words “20-year-old singer” and the picture of her posing with a guitar encouraged me to google and YouTube her. I was shocked to find that she had been on American Idol in 2009 and that she been eliminated, but had released a debut album later that year.

When I checked out Iraheta’s album, I YouTubed a lyric video for a random song: Scars

If I hadn’t googled her before listening, I would have thought the person singing was P!nk. It is amazing how alike their voices sound. Nonetheless, I sensed in Iraheta something that was entirely her own and was impressed by her vocals. As a result, I listened to the rest of the album.

With Just Like You, I felt it was so-so.  I only like five of the songs on the album; the rest of it felt too teen pop for me. Yet, the vocals on all the tracks are great. Of the five songs I liked, my personal favorites are “Scars” and “Holiday”-

Despite my less than stellar opinion of the album, I still wanted to hear more from Iraheta. Since she hadn’t released another album, I decided to YouTube her American Idol performances. It in these performances I felt Iraheta truly shined her brightest.

There were two performances I viewed:

Give Into Me (Michael Jackson Cover)-

Papa Was a Rolling Stones (Temptations Cover; turn the volume up to hear it better)-

With these two performances and her debut album Just Like You, Allison Ireheta has shown how versatile her voice is. Like P!nk before her, Ireheta’s voice is not meant for just some bland teen pop songs.  It is good for meaningful pop ballads like “Scars”, rock songs like “Give Into Me” or “Holiday”, classic soul songs like “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” and who knows what else!

It has been almost four years since Allison Ireheta released a new album. According to a 2010 interview, she said she planned on writing “more personal stuff” for it. I hope she does so; a track listing states that the only song she actually had a hand in writing on Just Like You  was “You Don’t Know Me” which was one of the other songs I liked. She really needs to get more of her own voice out in future lyrics. However, if Ireheta also lets people like P!nk write songs like “No One Else”, then I won’t mind.

I hope to hear more from Allison Iraheta soon because I am definitely a fan.

Additional Links:

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Written by Serena Zola

December 17, 2012 at 12:12 PM

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