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The Daisy Award

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Woot, my first blog award 😀

 First, I’d like to thank God for guiding the writing ability He bestowed on me.  Next, I’d like to thank my fellow blogger Summer from anyonething for nominating me for this award and for explaining how all of these blog awards work.  According to her, this award is for a blog that is good and vibrant 🙂 Finally, I’d like to thank all of my readers and my fellow bloggers for your comments and support!

Now to follow the rules for this award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you (Thank Youse again, Summer :D)
  • Tell the readers seven unusual things about yourself
  • Nominate some worthy bloggers

7 Unusual Things

  1. While I love gothic literature (which has horror and sometimes romance) and I love the tv show Supernatural (which is just plain paranormal horror), I do not like horror movies.
  2. I am the only one in my nuclear family that doesn’t like soup
  3. I am a geek in two languages: English (geek) & Japanese (otaku)
  4. I don’t listen to music people expect me to listen to.
  5. If a book has been adapted into a movie or something else, I would rather read the book first.
  6. I discovered my writing ability while being bored.
  7. I do not have seven unusual things about me. How normal am I?

And now, I nominate the following bloggers for this award:

Written by Serena Zola

September 7, 2012 at 7:57 PM

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