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Album Review: Don’t Look Down by Skylar Grey

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Skylar Grey, Don't Look Down

Source: Wikipedia
Warning: Explicit Content

A few years ago, a singer named Holly Brook decided to come out with a better sound after collaborating with others. After a personal retreat to a cabin in the woods, that girl is now back as Skylar Grey.

One of the best things about this album are Skylar Grey’s vocals. She has a soft, silvery voice that can be entertainingly scary or sweet. They shine the best on songs without heavy instrumentation.  In this case, they are  “Final Warning”, “Wear Me Out”,”and “White Suburban”.

A decent thing about the album is its content. While most of the songs are about love, some aren’t typical. For instance, “Final Warning” is a song about a love turned deadly.  “Shit Man” is about an unexpected pregnancy between a young couple. Furthermore, “Sunshine” and “Religion” are two good songs of hope.

Despite these gems, the main subject of love is tiring after a while. In fact, it makes Grey appear more generic than she actually is. If the album had included certain tracks that had not made the album, the lyrics would have been more impressive.

When it comes to the most unattractive feature of the album, it is the heavy instrumentation mentioned earlier. While it is understood that Grey is going for a hip hop and pop sound, some of the hip-hop instrumentation and possible auto-tuning diminishes the quality of songs like “Pulse” and “Religion”.

Overall, the album wasn’t great, but it wasn’t horrible either. I recommend the album for people who like hip-hop or pop music.

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Written by Serena Zola

July 27, 2013 at 11:38 AM

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