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Movie Review: The Sapphires (2012)

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The Sapphires

Source: Wikipedia

Plot Summary (Taken from IMDB): It’s 1968, and four young, talented Australian Aboriginal girls learn about love, friendship and war when their all-girl group The Sapphires entertain the US troops in Vietnam.

My Review: One of the best things about this film is the blending of Aboriginal Australian culture with that of American culture and history. Since the film’s main characters are discriminated against for being Aboriginal and considered black, it is easy to connect their strife with the turmoil going on in America in the late 60’s. In addition, the American soul music and a hymn sung in the Yorta Yorta language all play a prominent role that is moving and entertaining.

Another good aspect of the film is its characters. Greta is the fierce older sister who stands up for herself and her sisters’ safety. Julie is  the headstrong younger sister who wants to prove herself. Kay is the fair-skinned sister who grapples with her racial identity. Cynthia is the romantic who is also slightly careless. Lastly, Dave Lovelace is the careless yet caring manager.

Besides the blending of cultures and the characters, the acting and singing are excellent. Although two of the main actresses actually sing their roles, their vocals are very good. Of the two, Jessica Mauboy is the strongest singer. As the most prominently featured vocalist, she makes Julie shine bright.

While Juanita Tipper’s vocals get a touching moment in the spotlight, it is her acting that gets the most attention. In addition to Jessica Mauboy and Juanita Tipper, Chris O’ Dawd is great as Dave Lovelace. Many of his scenes will make viewers laugh, but there are a couple of tear-jerkers too.

In addition to the acting and vocals, the film’s plot was very well done. It developed its characters realistically around historical events and racism. Although it is loosely based on a true story, the entire movie felt like a real biopic.

Overall, the movie was fantastic. If you are a fan of 60’s soul music or enjoy music films, then I recommend this film.



Written by Serena Zola

August 22, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Movie Review: Raw Spice- The Unofficial Story of The Making of The Spice Girls

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Raw Spice, Spice GirlsSummary: This film shows how the Spice Girls were formed in 1994 and the months leading up to their first performance in front of industry writers and producers.

My Review: One of the best things about this film is that it lives up to its title. The girls are never seen with their trademark looks, but you can catch glimpses of what would become each girl’s trademark personality. You also see them as performers in training as well as regular young women.

Another positive aspect of the film is that you slowly see the girls come together as a group. You see them trying to figure out what their vocal ranges are, learning to harmonize,  dance, and live together. In fact, the most candid parts of the film are when they are at their house, because you see them let loose a little more.

A downside of the film is that it only covers a year or so of The Spice Girls’ journey. Once they do make their debut in front of the music industry people, you are left wondering what happens afterwards. The film should have shown how they got signed to a record label and how they recorded their first album Spice.

Overall, the film was interesting to watch, but it could have been better. However, I do recommend this to any old and new Spice Girl fans.

Watch the film on Hulu here.


Written by Serena Zola

June 2, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Movie Review: Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story (2013 TV Movie)

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Source; Wikipedia

Plot Summary:  R&B hip-hop girl group TLC have been one of the biggest musical acts in the world. However, success did not come easy. As their musical journey unfolds, they experience many personal struggles such as death, disease, and bad relationships. These struggles impact their music and each other.

My Review: One of the best things about this film is the acting. The film stars Keke Palmer as Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, rapper Lil Mama as Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes, and Drew Sidora as Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins. All three women did a great job portraying TLC, but Lil Mama is the actress that stood out the most.

Not only does she have a strong physical resemblance to the late TLC member, but she embodied Left-Eye to the point where it felt like you were watching the real Left-Eye.

Another enjoyable aspect of the film was the way TLC was portrayed. Every detail about the group’s outfits, performances, public appearances, and music videos was close to perfect as it could be.

With the exception of moments when Keke Palmer looked like herself rather than Chilli, it felt like you were watching a documentary about TLC rather than a biopic.

The only flaw in the film was its ending, which felt rushed. The film should have mentioned TLC’s fourth album 3-D. It would have been a good way to show how resilient the group was after what occurs at that point.

Overall, this is a fantastic film. I recommend it to TLC fans and music lovers everywhere.

Here is the trailer for “Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story” 

Written by Serena Zola

November 3, 2013 at 4:28 PM

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