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Music Video Spotlight: “Many Moons” by Janelle Monae

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This music video originally came out in 2008 and was part of Monae’s EP Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase).  At six minutes long, it was promoted as a short film.

This is my favorite Janelle Monae music video so far. The fact that it is a short film makes the song more interesting because the story in this video is part of a big saga.

In the video, an android auction is taking place and android Cindy Mayweather is the musical entertainment. Yet, something doesn’t seem right in Metropolis. Why is Cindy singing, “Your freedom is in a bind”?

The best thing I love about the video is the dancing. At a certain point in the video, Cindy starts dancing.  if you watch closely, you can see her moonwalk forward and backwards. After that, she starts dancing like crazy. Not only was this a good way for Monae to be herself, but it was also a good way to pay homage to one of her influences.

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Written by Serena Zola

September 23, 2013 at 10:00 AM

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