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Movie Review: Scott Pilgrim VS The World (DVD)

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 In this film adaptation of the Bryan Lee O’ Malley graphic novel series, twenty-two year old Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) has literally found the girl of his dreams: the mysterious pink-haired Ramona Flowers. However, Scott soon finds out that in order to date Ramona, he will have to fight and defeat her seven evil exes.

One surprisingly good aspect of this movie is the characters. The movie trailer does not do them justice. Scott isn’t just a guy with girl problems; he is also a guy in a rock band. Even Ramona has an awesome hidden skill. With the supporting characters, most of them are either kick-ass, funny, or witty. As for the exes, some were better than others. However, whatever faults they have are compensated with the fight scenes.

Speaking of the fight scenes, they are the best aspect of this movie. There are four reasons for this: animation, music, sound effects, and the action. All of these are influenced by comics and video games. Once a fight starts, you see the vs. abbreviation appear in block letters. Then, fast-paced music from various styles (e.g. rock, techno) sets up tension and engage the viewer. When Scott gets hit hard, his cries of pain echo like a video game death cry and you see words like Pow!, Fwp!, and Zum! appear. Sometimes, you hear a loud voice shout K.O.! when Scott makes the final hit.

As for the action, the fighting style is similar to video games such as Soulcalibur  and Street Fighter. Some opponents have powers, while others have weapons. Scott himself fights with a variety of weapons which improve as he progresses. Both Scott’s physical weapons and his opponents physical weapons have realistic, almost 3-D graphics that are dazzling.

The next-to-last good feature in the movie is the music. Not only does it make a good soundtrack for the film, it also plays a role in the film’s main plot and its subplots. Some of the songs are a part of a few characters too. Anyone who likes rock music will definitely enjoy it.

Finally, the last good feature in this movie is the geek culture references. Some are obvious, while others are more subtle. However, all of them made the movie fun.

Overall, this was a great film. I recommend it to any-action adventure fan or anyone who is a nerd at heart.

Here is a battle scene from the film:

Written by Serena Zola

July 16, 2012 at 6:34 PM

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