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Musician Spotlight: Icon For Hire

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Icon For Hire

Source: Wikipedia

Thank you, Spotify for yet another good recommendation.

Icon For Hire is an American rock band that is currently fronted by female vocalist Ariel Bloomer.

The best thing about this band seems to be their bond with their fans, especially live. They seem to do their best to ensure that their music touches their fans and that they have good time. One example is a live performance of their song “Nerves“, from their most recent album Icon For Hire. At the time, the song and the album had not been officially released, so the fact that Bloomer managed to get them to jump up and down to the song is amazing.

Another example that is more poignant is a live solo performance of the song “The Grey” from their debut album Scripted.  The way that Bloomer introduced the song by wanting them to remember that moment of the concert when they felt bad is really nice.  Hearing the fans singing along to the song makes the tenderness of the performance more palpable.

The music itself is something that is easy and hard to describe. When it comes to the lyrics, most of them deal with emotional suffering with a bit of spirituality. Even if you aren’t spiritual, the songs aren’t heavily focused on it, so the music is still approachable.

The aspect of the music that is harder to describe is the band’s sound. With only two albums, it seems the band is still exploring that territory. Personally, I like the most recent album best because the sound is an eclectic mix of rock, piano, strings, hip-hop, and electronica.  On the other hand, their debut album is mostly hard rock with bits of piano, strings, and electronica here and there.

One last aspect of the band that deserves to be mentioned is Ariel Bloomer. On energetic songs like “Fight” and “Cynics and Critics”  she can be singing or rapping with so much passion. On ballads like “Slow Down” and “Fix Me“, her vocals become angelic. Basically, she is a talented person.

Here is Icon for Hire performing “Sugar and Spice” from their album Icon for Hire



Written by Serena Zola

May 21, 2014 at 7:55 PM

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