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Video Game Music

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What comes to your mind when you think of video game music? The theme from Mario Bros? How about a rock or rap song from a racing or shooting game?

The truth is video game music is different things to different people. It depends on what type of video game you play and where the music is coming from. There are some really beautiful things that can from video game music, especially from RPGs (role-playing games).

For instance, most people probably know the The Legend of Zelda theme:

However, video game music can tell you more than just what game it is. It can also convey a particular place, event, or character within the game.

An interesting thing about location themes is that it can play at a specific location as well as a location you don’t expect. A good example of a song that this is this song from the video game Tales of Legendia: In case you are curious, this song plays at the main menu of the game as well as the game’s town graveyard.

As for a song that creates ambience during an event, a song from the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker game is an excellent example:  As you will see, this song is background music to the backstory of Link aka The Legendary Hero.

With a character, a song can be called a theme. The purpose of the theme is basically to convey the nature of the character and at times to convey a sense of familiarity (this applies to a reoccurring character in an RPG). One of the best character themes can be found in Kingdom Hearts 358 Days/2: This song is called Music for the Sadness of Xion (pronounced Shee-on).

An amazing benefit from video game music is that you can sometimes hear it live via a concert or cd (turn the volume up some):

Lastly, there is only one downside to video game music. While you can listen to it without actually playing the game, you might not be as connected to the song as you would be if you did play. As long as you like the music though, it shouldn’t matter.

What video game music do you like?

Written by Serena Zola

May 22, 2012 at 9:43 PM

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary

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This year marks the ten year anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts video game series. First created by Tetsuya Nomura in 2002, the series has released the latest chapter of the saga in Japan: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The game will be out soon in North America and everywhere else later on. In the meantime, fans are replaying the old games and reminiscing.

When Kingdom Hearts first came out with the original game, I thought it was just a kiddie Disney thing. However, one day in 2006 I was surprised to receive Kingdom Hearts II as a gift. Before I opened the game, I was happy and excited for some reason. Maybe some part of me knew how much I would enjoy the game.

As I progressed through it, I realized that the Disney, Final Fantasy, and original characters created by the creator were a part of a big story involving heart, friendship, love, light, and darkness. I was hooked on the storyline because I connected to some of the characters. Also, I had fun kicking bad guy butt with cool abilities.

After a while, I beat the game. However, I wanted more and so ended up borrowing a CD of the video game’s soundtrack. Eventually, this would lead me to reading Kingdom Hearts fan fiction, purchasing some of the Japanese manga adaptations, and trying out the original game. Although I haven’t been able to play every game, I will always be a fan of the series.

And now, for those who are fans or just curious, I present the special opening for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Not only is it a proper homage and celebration of the series’ anniversary, it is awesome for being shown on a building wall in Japan!

This is best viewed in full-screen:

Written by Serena Zola

April 7, 2012 at 8:39 PM

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